EasyCafe Server

EasyCafe Server 2.2

Manages customer data of Internet cafes
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2.2.14 (See all)
Work with customer profiles, accounting data and inventory information with little manual input. The suite automatically handles payment and access data, restricts or expands access on selected machines, monitors shared environments, reboots PCs, maintains database security, etc.

EasyCafe is the most stable software in its class. Power downs and system crashes do not affect EasyCafe system. You can continue your work from where you left after the system reboots. The powerful software design will keep your Cafe's data safe up and running in all circumstances.

Users and restricted cashiers can not override the restrictions defined by the Administrator.

EasyCafe implements accounting tools to let you have reports of all transactions and accounts. The entire money flow is monitored and reported to the administrator in the most convinient way. You can have daily reports or special reports and statistical data of the usage and performance of your Cybercafe. EasyCafe can export its accountancy data as Excell files.

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